IDS Panel Hosted by East End Interiors

On April 5th, Keith Mazzei attended a panel hosted by East End Interiors, presented by IDS Long Island. He and other design professionals shared their stories and offered advice and expertise on the world of interior design.

Carpet Installation: Final Phase

The process of carpeting an entire home is a tedious one to say the least. It is a job that takes time, precision, and attention to detail as I mentioned in previous blogs. I always say "MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE." You have to work along side others who understand the importance of precise work. This job took a few weeks in total to complete but we couldn't be more happy with the outcome! 

Carpet Installation: Phase 1

When I design, I consider all aspects of the room to be an important part of the space. As I've said in previous blogs "ceilings are the 5th wall of a space". I feel the same about floors. In most homes, the floors are done in a beautiful wood finish. Although I am one to appreciate the extensive beauty that any wood floor carries, the truth is...they dont stay pretty for long.

North Fork Living: This week's art installation

It's summer, and the livin' is easy. When visiting the North Fork, you are instantly taken aback by the beautiful greenery, quaint homes, and local businesses. It is a place that embrasses beauty and a sense of tranquility. One of my clients is currently in the final phase of accessorizing her summer home. The home was build on a beautiful stretch of water. The waterfront living is what drove the majority of the design throughout the home. Yesterday was a day for art! 

Seeing Stars: Carpet Installation Phase 2

.What a fun installation this was! For this particular space we chose a carpet that was traditional but had an underlying sense of PLAYFULNESS. It is a rug that you would imagine encompasses the floors in the white house, however; we took the "Stars" and incorporated them into the nautical theme that plays out throughout this clients home.

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