The Ultimate Sports Court

>When a client has 3 young boys who are sports fanatics, what else is there left to do but design a SPORTS COURT! It is a room that encompasses playfulness, sports, and being a kid! It has indeed become a room to talk about and one that is full of children living out their athletic dreams! A room of this caliber takes alot of proper planning and attention to detail. We had to make sure that all design choices kept young children in mind. 

-Because this room is located in a basement, we had to create 10 foot cielings to allow for an open atmosphere.

-We had our decorative painter emmulate the Ohio State Stadium, as the family are HUGE FANS!

-We installed plexiglass on the walls to protect them from any hard hits.

-We upholstered the walls with padding, and durable vinyl for accoustic puposes but most importantly to keep the walls safe from any form of impact.

-We carried the details of the Ohio State theme into the custom made carpet on the staircase - "It's ALL in the DETAILS"



Width = 640px Height = 480pxSports Court


Width = 640px Height = 480pxOhio Carpet