Its ALL in the Detail

When designing a space, paying attention to DETAIL is one of the KEY factors that complete a look. Detail can be drawn from all aspects of a room or setting. In order to do so, be mindful of the LITTLE things. These so-called "LITTLE THINGS" end up becoming focal points in a home.  Sometimes, the smallest touches bring together the entire look.  A few design elements to consider are: COLOR,  ATMOSPHERE, and TEXTURE



Incorporating accessories and art to a space is such an important part of design. Without them, the design is incomplete. Pulling inspiration out of an accessory, fabric, or piece of art allows you to integrate that  "POP OF COLOR" throughout the room. Using this coral accessory as a vision , we continued the yellow  into the artwork. Putting a yellow matte as a border around the art truly brings it to life. 


We also carried the same color into the  accent pillow which brightens the dark upholstered loveseat. When you walk into this space, the color stands out in all of the decorative accents. Do NOT be afraid of color! 





Let your surroundings dictate the elements you bring into a space. Design should create a mood based on what surrounds you. In this particular instance, when considering design options for a kitchen window that overlooks an incredible view of the ocean, the answer was simple. Bring the outside in.  We used this whimsical fabric that brought in all the colors of the ocean, but the final touch that completed the look was in the decorative trim. Incorporating a trim that was made out of  seashells enhanced the look and truly emcompessed the idea of a "BEACH HOUSE".