Ceilings are the 5th wall of a room

When designing a room, don't forget to address the ceiling. Although cielings are considered walls, they are often ignored. It is not until clients add color to their ceilings that they recognize the IMPACT it makes on the space. Adding detail to the ceiling with paint, a decorative mural, a glaze, wallpaper, etc. really adds life to a space.

.In this home, the client went after a very traditional design. My decorative painter did a beautiful replica of the clients fabric on her ceiling. We incorprated vibrant blues, soft neutrals and rich golds onto this "5th Wall." When you walk into the space your eyes instantly fall in love with the whimsical art that has been created.  We owe this BEAUTIFUL work to our decorative painter: www.arlenemurals.com

Decorative Ceiling

.This client chose a more transitional design and added grasscloth to her coffered cieling. Coffered ceilings add a wonderful elements of depth to a ceiling, but adding this warm textured blue wallpaper was the perfect fit for thid tranquil beach house. We owe this installation to: www.design-exclusives.com

Grasscloth ceiling

Remember: The possibilites are endless.