Carpet Installation: Phase 1

Jun 11, 2015

When I design, I consider all aspects of the room to be an important part of the space. As I’ve said in previous blogs “ceilings are the 5th wall of a space”. I feel the same about floors. In most homes, the floors are done in a beautiful wood finish. Although I am one to appreciate the extensive beauty that any wood floor carries, the truth is…they dont stay pretty for long.

Floors take a ton of abuse from foot traffic, children, pets etc. Scratches and scuff marks appear almost instantly. I encourage all of my clients to use carpet, not only because it is a beautiful touch to a space, but to protect the floors as well. When I say carpet, I don’t mean covering every angle of your home with it, but with specific design you can appreciate both the beauty of your floors and the addition of carpet. You can use carpet in a few applications. The most efficient way to do so its to contour the shape of the room. This gives a very custom look and allows for the room to have a larger appearance. In other cases, area rugs work as well but it is important to make sure all your furniture fits on the rug. There is nothing worse than having a space look unplanned. If you choose an area rug that will allow for more of your flooring to show, make sure the size is the right scale. Carpet will always add another element of color, pattern and warmth to your home.

On this particular project, my client wanted to show as much wood as possible so we chose to go with area rugs but made sure that the sizes worked.

Foyer Area Rug

In this main entrance we went with a large circular area rug. We binded it with white which really makes a statement! 

Back Foyer Stairs

We continued the carpet and white binding up the back foyer stairs. Carpet installations are long and tedious. It require installers who understand the nature of the carpet and whom are precise with their work.

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