A Complete Design Build Firm

What Does A Design Build Firm Do?

Imagine you could design and build your own house without worrying about all the details.


How great would that be?


Well, that’s exactly what we do for our clients here at Keith Mazzei Interiors. Design Build benefits include enhanced coordination of tasks between architects and construction companies, which inevitably leads to less stress for our clients. Our Design Build firm aims to make your project as seamless as possible.

The Services Our Design Build Firm Offers

Although it’s clear that the design build advantages are endless, it’s also important to specify what they include. The design build process means bringing your ideal home to life in a clear and effective way, while never compromising design. Keith Mazzei started in interior design, and is an expert at managing all the different trades for a design build general contractor. We are never willing to compromise excellence in design, and that means also perfecting our process. This is why we deliver turnkey projects to our clients using the design build approach. Our design build homes offer unbeatable, high-end quality of home design done right, from idea to finished product and every step in between.

The Appeal Of Design Build Concepts

A design build house is personal to your unique lifestyle and is executed in the most efficient and cost effective way. We’ve implemented this concept in New York and Florida, and have successfully done so for all of our clients. Whether it’s a New York design build or a Florida design build, our process is the same. We have connections and understand the landscape in both areas, which allows us to achieve our ultimate goal: to create breathtaking spaces with design that will leave homeowners and their guests in awe. Let us be the design build firm you select for your next project.


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