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Our Primary Focus is to Offer a Full Service Interior Design Experience

At Keith Mazzei Interiors, we take great pride in not just meeting, but surpassing the interior designer qualifications required by our clients. We believe that it is not only necessary to hold an interior designer license, but also have a strong passion for creating interior designer houses. As an interior designer in Long Island, we have a long history of delivering distinctive spaces to our customers, with the highest standards of design in mind. They say “home is where the heart is,” and we know it’s not always easy to find the right interior decorator for your home, which is why we like to take the time to know our clients and their vision.

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We Want to See Your Vision For Interior Design Come to Life

With experience of over two decades, we pride ourselves on being one of the most full service interior design companies in New York. We know our clients have busy lives, and we want to make sure our expansive range of services make it easier to find an interior designer for your dream home. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in making this dream come true is finding your ideal interior decorator style, which is why we like to offer a consultation to summarize the potential look and feel of the full scope of the interior design project. Through this consultation, we can answer any of your interior designer questions and offer suggestions on sustainable interior design. There are many interior home decorators in New York, but just one Keith Mazzei, an expert Long Island interior decorator.

Why You Can Forget About Choosing Between an Interior Designer and an Architect

We like to tell our clients that they’ll end up selecting both! Because at our interior design firm in New York, we coordinate with the architect and construction team to deliver the full package. At Keith Mazzei Interiors, we help you through the whole process by seeing a project to completion. That means we work with your builders and architects to execute the design you (and ultimately, we!) are striving for. Our craft has been honed by a series of projects in Florida and New York homes as well as interior design New York apartments. Stop asking yourself how to find an interior designer or how to find an interior decorator, and let us start designing your perfect home with our established interior design firm.


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