Seeing Stars: Carpet Installation Phase 2

Jul 3, 2015

What a fun installation this was! For this particular space we chose a carpet that was traditional but had an underlying sense of PLAYFULNESS. It is a rug that you would imagine encompasses the floors in the white house, however; we took the “Stars” and incorporated them into the nautical theme that plays out throughout this clients home.

As you can see from the photo below, I am very particular with carpet installations. When a rug is not done in a custom application, it is either to narrow or too short. When you have an installer cut and bind the carpet to contour the shape of the room you get an application that is right. In this hallway, as we do in all of our jobs, the rug takes the shape of the space. It follows every turn, with the margin of wood flooring as the background.

Star Carpet Bench Star Carpet Hallway

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